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With 6G network, all this will be possible the car will drive itself choose the fastest route compared to other cars and avoid queues.

There is talk of 6G around 2030. Launch of products thus thereafter in smartphones.

If they remain. In other words, we will change our behaviors in many different areas.

We already see it today e-commerce.etc Clearly, the presentation of products and services will look completely different from today.

The first iPhone came 14 years ago hard to say where we are in 10 years.

But 6G is sexy.

But it's more fun to be involved in developing and influencing.

This can apply to everything from fashion to beauty products.

A fragrant sensation when buying perfume, for example. via the Web.

A hologram when buying clothes.

The site will thus present new technology solutions and various products aimed at women and men. High and low.

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